Friday, April 13, 2012

Week in Review from My Phone: Random

Sunday, Claire and I served in the nursery during church. We had one sweet baby boy, and Claire kept trying to steal his pacifier.

And Monday, this little girl woke up with a low grade fever, and not feeling too hot.

I cleaned out our coat closet. My husband owns enough coats and outerwear to keep a small Eskimo village warm.

On Tuesday, I tackled Jack's closet, and went through his baby box. I will never, ever get rid of these shoes. Ever. He is growing up so fast. I love the boy he is becoming, but it seems hard to believe that is four.

You better believe I was proud of this organized labeled goodness. It had gotten out of control. Again.

Although she looks happy, this girl started that fever mess on Monday, and was still running a 103 temperature on Thursday, so I caved and took her to the doctor. Guess what? Fever virus. Every time I take them, they have a virus. Every time I wait it out, I wait too long, and they have strep, ear infections, flu, or some other funk, and I feel like a neglectful mother. (Not really, but it makes me feel a bit inadequate).

We quarantined Claire to the stroller Thursday night, and took our winning gift card from Saturday to Get. Out. Of. This. House.

I love this man!!

Jackson is doing sooo well at Tumbling.

Monday night recap: This really happened the other night, and I guess I don't want to forget. Blake and I went to bed about 11:00. Claire was up at midnight. The dog puked at 1:00. At 2:00, I got up to use the restroom, and I turned on the lightswitch, and it illuminated, and then our bathroom lights went out. Blake had to investigate and turned the power supply off to our bedroom and bathroom. He did fix this Tuesday night, and was successful. Yay, Mr. Handyman. We needed some new parts. Not sure what, but it is all better. At 2:30, Claire was awake again. At 3:30, the dog puked again. And Claire was back up at 4:00, and 6:00. The dog puked again at 6:30. And Blake showered and got ready for work in the dark. Blake and I absolutely cracked up when the alarm went off, and agreed that was probably the worst night of sleep. Ever.

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The Wood Family said...

Wow what a doozy of a night!
And just a reminder to me that I do not in fact want a pet. =)